September 9, 2014Enterprise Risk Assessment

Enterprise Risk Management

Our team of experts at NewWave advise commercial entities and government agencies on the delivery of integrated and sustainable enterprise risk management. We have built a practice in enterprise risk management utilizing a responsive and flexible framework that captures business uncertainties and opportunities. We derive risk insight by analyzing integrated elements, deep-dive analysis and applying

September 9, 2014Project Management

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NewWave’s team of professionals has decades of experience with project management, delivering low risk solutions to government and private sector customers. NewWave specializes in providing end-to-end, mission critical information technology solutions for healthcare, finance, telecom, government agencies, and private-sector clients. For example, NewWave has managed the past three yearly QualityNet Conferences. The QualityNet Conference is

September 9, 2014Crowdsourcing

crowd sourcing

NewWave applies a unique approach coupled with expert services to leverage the power of crowdsourcing for commercial customers, non-profit organizations, and the government. Based on the goals of the organization and the parameters of the project, NewWave guides the crowdsourcing process from planning, to recruiting and moderating participants, to research design and implementation, to branded/custom

September 9, 2014Business Intelligence

business Inteligence

NewWave recognizes the value of business intelligence, to liberate the business end user from reliance on the IT shop. Workflow automation, data analytics, warehousing, and reporting are the cornerstones of business intelligence. Cloud computing and data center virtualization are lowering the barriers to automated business intelligence. NewWave’s approach to BI reaches beyond tool implementation, to

September 9, 2014Event Planning

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NewWave Telecom and Technologies Inc. has successfully managed several events for our clients. We manage all aspects of logistical and substantive support for your event, such as program concept design, agenda planning and production, facilitation, presentation, preparation of proceedings. We have managed conferences and events ranging in size from 10 to 1,500 participants, creating powerful

September 9, 2014Full Cycle Claims Management

Risk and Claim Management

Full-service claims management means more than just call center management. At NewWave, we devise the underlying business processes to efficiently manage the administrative tasks associated with patient registration, billing and collections, claims tracking and follow-up, and payment processing. The full cycle of claims processing entails customer relationship management, business process automation, invoicing and payments, and