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NewWave is experienced with training machine learning (ML) algorithms to understand complex problems and deliver nuanced responses. We also leverage and integrate cognitive services such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), emotion detection, and language translation to create valuable services such as our cognitive helpdesk called Newton.

Machine Learning

ML enables a computer to learn from historical relationships, leveraging that knowledge to make predictions and discover new insights. The technology helps humans achieve greater insights faster, and to make data-driven decisions or predictions. At NewWave, we are continually developing new ML applications that solve specific challenges for our clients.

As proven practitioners in the field, with a focus on building applications that leverage cognitive computing in the service of human goals, NewWave creates solutions that take advantage of the most advanced AI to automate repetitive tasks, turbocharge analysis, and augment productivity. Whether considering massive amounts of structured or unstructured data, these advanced technologies can produce more accurate, timely and meaningful analysis by optimizing the key processes involved. We help organizations adopt these breakthrough technologies in alignment with strategic businesses goals, creating synergies between humans and machines that help drive efficiency and competitiveness.

Natural Language Processing

NLP enables a computer to decipher meaning from human language by applying models of syntax, vocabulary, and context. This allows for the analysis of massive amounts of unstructured text, to discover patterns and trends from any source of spoken or written language, leading to faster meaningful insights. At NewWave, we have pioneered the use of NLP for help desks, ingesting multiple languages from different sources such as chat boxes and telephone conversations to improve customer service.

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