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Success for any company depends upon engaging customers through the communications channels they prefer, and ensuring they receive maximum value from a product or service offering as a result. Customer engagement plays a major role in the overall experience for a customer with a company and goes a long way toward determining how long they remain customers.

At NewWave, we provide capabilities for engaging with customers through the full spectrum of information media, including help desks, call centers, webcasts, and virtual assistants. To design the proper mix of customer engagement capabilities, we know each situation requires careful consideration of the specific nature of an offering, as well as the various types of customers that use it and how they prefer to interact with a product or service provider.

Help Desk

NewWave has extensive experience in standing up and operating help desk operations to answer customer questions, troubleshoot problems, and provide guidance for large and complex programs. We make help desk services accessible to customers through various channels including phone, email, instant messaging, chat and websites.  Issues are prioritized and tracked with tickets — and escalated for complex issues requiring more advanced reviews and analysis as necessary. We staff and train help-desk employees and equip them with the resources they need to keep customers satisfied with their overall experience.

Education & Outreach

One of the keys to customer satisfaction is a thorough understanding of the product or service they are using. NewWave makes this a priority for any program we support. Our customer engagement professionals conduct regular education and outreach campaigns to ensure that users are aware of all the features and benefits available to them, and how they can maximize the value of a given product or service. We deliver educational content programs delivered through various media including expert-led webcast tutorials.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants offer a channel for customer engagement that provides always-on, instantaneous availability and benefits from the speed of a computer knowledgebase. These services can take many forms, including online chat programs and speech recognition-based services. NewWave develops virtual assistant applications tailored to the needs of a particular business case. Our own OLIViA virtual assistant offers users immediate healthcare advice based on the symptoms they are experiencing, spoken in their own words. We deliver virtual assistants using the most advanced technologies available, to support new products and services, or to help keep existing customers loyal.

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