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NewWave engineers continually practice the principles of DevSecOps, which means we aim at shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, continual testing and greater reliability in support of our clients’ business goals. Our projects demonstrate the benefits of automating and closely monitoring every step of the software development process.

NewWave’s engineering culture demands that we practice clear communication across our development teams. And that spills over into greater transparency and successful outcomes for our clients.

In an IT world with increasing system complexity, data security is becoming more challenging. At NewWave, security isn’t a step in the development process, it’s an integral part of our culture. We incorporate security every step of the way, from project initiation to requirements analysis, from design to testing, from deployment to post-deployment auditing.

We view proper security as a challenge of preventing fires, not fighting fires once they’re started. That mindset means our clients and partners can be certain the systems we build are as safe as any on the planet.

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