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It’s a new era in IT systems, hosted in the cloud. But the current tech revolution is more than just that – it’s about being quick and nimble in delivering resilient new solutions, by automating disciplined development processes wherever possible. It’s about building in security with every solution, using principles of Zero Trust and micro-segmentation required to succeed in today’s cloud-based ecosystem. At NewWave, we are setting the bar for best practices in modernizing existing systems, by migrating from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Platform-as-a-Service (Paas). We constantly pursue the latest advances that reduce friction from existing processes and make entirely new capabilities possible.

IaaS to PaaS to SaaS

NewWave is not only expert at cloud migration and pioneering cloud adoption, we also work to redesign and re-platform applications as cloud native. Our team of expert engineers and architects target services to move from IaaS to PaaS, and software to software as a service (SaaS), analyzing the degree of customization required to determine which approach is best. NewWave will work to develop your custom solution, to ensure you are utilizing resources efficiently and delivering value as quickly as possible.

Network Modernization & Zero Trust Networking

We pioneer the adoption of Zero Trust and Micro-Segmentation as core design principles that improve our client’s security posture. At Newwave, Zero trust means Zero Trust. We create solutions in which all resources are accessed securely regardless of location, access is always most restrictive based on user requirements, and all traffic is logged by a central and immutable SIEM tool.


We embrace micro-segmentation architectural principles, placing each application component in its own network group. This allows us to go above and beyond security and compliance requirements to create extremely secure network environments. Our experts create cohesive designs in private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures. We utilize micro-segmentation not only to create zero-trust networks but also to allow dev-ops engineers to apply agile methodology and create continuous development and deployment pipelines for infrastructure changes.

Cloud Native Infrastructure

The foundation of our Cloud Native model is PaaS — and ultimately SaaS. We remove the requirements of managing OS and all the complexities and difficulties that come with it. We have transformed the way our applications relate to the infrastructure and engineered our solutions to run on platforms designed for resiliency, agility, operability and observability. Our Dev/Op engineers are integrated into our Agile process and create and deploy infrastructure changes within release cycles, through code. At Newwave, cloud native infrastructure is just as much about a process and a skill set as it is about the actual technology used.

Infrastructure as Code

Our engineers are creating solutions for our clients that are on the cutting edge of infrastructure services. Across our programs we have adopted Infrastructure as Code, writing code to manage configurations and automate provisioning of infrastructure resources. We utilize version control, testing, small deployments, and use of design patterns within our infrastructure practice. We utilize industry leading automation and agile deployment technology to deliver new capabilities and features to market faster. This allows us to create automated testing, rolling regional deployments and zero downtime for our clients.

Microservices-Based Architecture

Microservice architecture structures the application as a set of loosely coupled services allowing for agile development, targeted deployments, and application resiliency/scalability. Application segmentation, along with cloud infrastructure segmentation, creates new sets of capabilities which our NewWave team are experts at harnessing to exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements. Our applications evolve as technology evolves. NewWave switches our applications components as new technology becomes available, ensuring that you are always on the cutting edge.

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