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Successful systems integration requires a holistic approach toward technology and business processes where NewWave excels. It suits our culture to a T. We are a highly diverse and talented organization that embraces big challenges with an unparalleled passion. As a prime contractor for major federal agencies, we have tackled some of the most challenging projects one can imagine. Time and again, we have unseated some of the world’s largest systems integrators from existing engagements because of our creative, lean and mean strategies for successfully wrangling disparate systems into integrated, fully functioning wholes.

The federal government recently tapped NewWave to integrate four major independent data systems. We accomplished this by identifying and eliminating system friction points within the agency itself, all fifty states, and numerous contractors and vendors for a program that serves Medicaid’s 72 million-plus children beneficiaries.

Program Management

Our analysts work tirelessly to understand an organization’s business processes in order to implement the best automation and integration strategies. We clearly document current and future processes so that key stakeholders are clear on the project’s ultimate value. SI projects are typically broad and complex, so it’s important to achieve some early and frequent successes, to avoid fatigue midstream into the project. NewWave maintains a clear path for success, measured by incremental milestones to ensure a project stays on course and achieves strategic objectives.

Process Improvement

The need to rapidly adjust strategic objectives for organizations of all types in today’s dynamic economy requires understanding and predicting trends using advanced analytics, machine learning and AI applications for knowledge-based processes. At NewWave, we know these powerful new technologies can’t be successfully deployed without first observing the strengths and weaknesses of existing processes. When working to develop new systems that improve current business processes, we typically conduct careful analysis of on-site activities and communicate our findings in a highly collaborative manner. In every case, NewWave stays focused on providing new systems that improve processes and actually advance an organization’s business objectives.

Education & Outreach

A successful systems integration project requires building consensus among all the key stakeholders within an organization. To get them fully onboard, it’s necessary they all understand the benefits to be gained through a successful integration. Communicating the vision to the entire group of key players means gaining the trust and confidence of top leadership who can champion the project at key points to overcome unwarranted risk aversion and short-term thinking. NewWave understands the value of developing a coherent internal message, based on thorough knowledge of an organization’s business challenges and opportunities. We serve as an enthusiastic partner in this key aspect of an integration project, because we believe in what we do!

Strategic Planning

At NewWave, we always begin with the premise that a successful integration project relies on a sound long-term strategy, providing the framework and architecture for a sustainable program. Our proven methodologies ensure consistent project and integration approaches, best practices in design and implementation, and effective data policies. We help clearly define new roles and responsibilities that support cohesive teams united by an organization-wide vision. NewWave understands the importance of keeping all stakeholders in an integration project informed, engaged, and aligned with an organization’s strategic goals to ensure that an integration supports long-term adaptability and success.

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