Oracle to Snowflake Migration

Traferium is the first automated tool that allows both data migration and code conversion from Oracle to Snowflake, making it easy to select and initiate the transfer of organizational data to the cloud.

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Why Traferium?

Most migration tools focus on the migration of schemas and data. Migration of traditional data warehouses also include the need to migrate more than just the data.

Traferium extends beyond existing data and schema migration tools to support migration of tables, views, stored procedures, and functions.

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Data Migration

Migrate data, tables, views, stored procedures, functions, code, etc.

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Simply select a data source and objects to migrate, and initiate migration.

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Reduce or eliminate code development time through automation.

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Transfer Safety

Assure data quality, custody and provenance for organizational data.

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Cloud Optimization

Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared architecture provides secure, low-maintenance data access.

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Try for Free

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Migrate Oracle PL SQL to Snowflake Javascript

Traferium quickly, safely and automatically migrates your PL SQL data from Oracle to Snowflake.

Traferium is a PL SQL to javascript converter that’s undergone rigorous testing against very complex databases. Try the Traferium Oracle to Snowflake free code conversion tool now to see for yourself!

100% Cloud-Based

Traferium helps organizations overcome the extensive hurdles that are inherent to data migrations from Oracle to Snowflake.

Data is complex, your migration doesn’t have to be. Leverage the cloud data platform and unlock the power of data for your organization.

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Oracle to Snowflake Migration

Migrating from Oracle to Snowflake is fast & simple with Traferium

Migrate from Oracle PL SQL to Snowflake Javascript in 6 simple steps.

  1. Enter your Oracle source connection information.
  2. Enter your Snowflake destination connection information.
  3. Select the Source(s) and Destination(s) to migrate.
  4. Select data, schema only, procedures/functions, sequences, materialized views to migrate.
  5. Start the migration and view the progress.
  6. Review the migration report.

Migrate multiple Oracle databases to Snowflake in parallel

Traferium supports migration of multiple Oracle databases to Snowflake in parallel.

Moreover, Traferium scales out to support larger migrations and supports migration of multiple databases in parallel.

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Clive Humby & Michael Palmer

“Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.”



“In a globalizing economy, competitive differentiation is becoming more reliant on data to identify business opportunities and acquire market share. This use of data is accelerating the move to the cloud to make data work harder for business outcomes.”

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Seema Gupta, Traferium Database Director

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What is Traferium?

Traferium is an all-in-one data migration and code conversion product. It migrates your tables, data and much more than that. It extends beyond existing data and schema migration tools to support migration of stored procedures, functions and will convert the PL/SQL scripts to a format that can be utilized in Snowflake.

Why should I use Traferium?

Traferium is the only cloud-based tool which converts Oracle PL/SQL to Snowflake Javascript along with data migration. Traferium is backed by expert team which guarantee the success for migration projects.

Is Traferium cloud-based or On-Premise?

Traferium is 100% cloud-based.

How many codes I can convert with the free trial version?

Traferium free trial code converter can convert upto 2 codes, with 100 maximum lines of code.

Can I migrate only schema using Traferium?

Yes, Traferium supports schema-only migration from Oracle to Snowflake.

How do I sign up for free trial of the code converter?

Please use this link: Oracle to Snowflake Code Conversion Tool