NewWave’s Massive Deployment
of Adobe Solutions

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As one of the world’s leading providers of digital content and workflow management solutions, Adobe maintains a partnership network with some of the most innovative system integrators on the planet.

Among these prestigious Adobe partners, few have deployed systems at the same scale as NewWave, which two years ago was chosen to support the massive insurance marketplace through an integrated system of document management solutions.

Managing a Data Tsunami

Generating more than 30 million pages produced monthly for insurance applicants during the busiest enrollment seasons, plus many more millions of notices sent back to them throughout the year, the integrated system of Adobe solutions deployed by NewWave today substantially reduces clerical errors and oversights.

It also cuts costs, while improving convenience for all applicants and enrollees, who no longer need to print out or mail their required forms. Everything happens digitally, with all necessary quality assurance and security controls. No more errors resulting from optical character recognition systems. No more letters lost in the mail.

Cloud Migration Experience

Preparing to support numerous quality improvements to’s management of such a massive flow of documents, this year NewWave is migrating the entire system from centralized data centers into an AWS-hosted cloud environment. For tens of millions of users, the successful platform migration now means lowered fixed costs for infrastructure. It also enables far greater flexibility for the system’s managers to adopt and scale up new tech innovations, as they emerge.


What are some the most likely innovations to come at, thanks to the work with Adobe solutions being done now by NewWave? For one thing, expect to see insurance enrollment or application screens that appear more like the widely familiar Q&A formats TurboTax has made standard in the retail tax preparation market.

Rather than application or enrollment forms with set fields users must fill out, instead the future enrollment process will reflect a logical series of simple questions to help individuals and families identify the best possible choices to meet their healthcare needs. The questions and answers they are led through will populate any forms on the back end with the right information, automatically verified and completed by the system.

And let’s face it. While people want the smartest health insurance deal available for themselves and their families, not many will miss the day when there are less forms containing blank fields for them to fill out!

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