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Earning the trust as one of only three systems integrators nationwide for the largest healthcare payer in America requires a proven record of large-scale success, as well as demonstrated expertise across a full spectrum of domains and technology. As a result, more than 74 million Americans, including 36 million children, now depend on NewWave’s ability to successfully integrate four previously separate IT systems that support efficient delivery and improvements in the healthcare services they receive.

A Priceless Mission

As project manager of the Medicaid statistical information system program–now adopted across all 50 states–NewWave proved it had the technical and creative capability to support an even larger mission-critical system roll out. It’s a big reason why we were selected as the sole system integrator for the largest healthcare provider in the nation’s $500 billion Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program, charged with ensuring that the program’s data infrastructure and technology supports evolving health care delivery reforms, access to coverage, and proper monitoring and oversight.

The amount of data managed by the system that NewWave architected and integrated is massive–two petabytes and growing–all hosted in the cloud. Meanwhile, its importance to children’s healthcare delivery and related advanced research also expands. This rapidly growing source of program data contains within it a treasure trove of valuable insights about ways to improve children’s healthcare delivery. New analytical capabilities using massive datasets are now possible  for the program through NewWave’s well-orchestrated approach to system integration.

A typical challenge addressed by NewWave for our customer to begin fully exploiting its two petabytes of data stems in part from network “silos” which previously existed among various IT systems, contractors and vendors. It’s a common condition for such large and complex organizations–and not a simple problem to overcome. The benefits of successfully streamlining data storage and accessibility, however, are huge. NewWave’s team of technical talent and subject matter experts have ensured the client can leverage its massive amounts of data now, to realize the intelligence it offers about children’s healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services needed a trusted SI with the skill to mediate issues across all of the various stakeholders touched by its data systems, including the agency itself, states, contractors, and Medicaid’s 74 million-plus beneficiaries. Trusted with the pivotal role to shepherd the integration of four major independent data systems, NewWave has succeeded in identifying and eliminating friction points that otherwise could inhibit the agency’s ambitious vision to support seamless and secure flows of data, all hosted and shared in cloud storage environment.

It’s About Culture

Success as the SI on large and complex programs such as this one requires superior technical capabilities, but more than just that. Ultimately, getting it right means building consensus among all the key stakeholders. NewWave’s SI experts know how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various contractors and vendors, and how to negotiate and mediate their sometimes competing interests to create a common culture with a shared sense of mission.

And we think providing better healthcare to America’s children demands nothing less!

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