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In the new age of healthcare, NewWave leads the way of creating solutions for seamlessly and securely sharing personal and clinical information among patients, providers, payers, and researchers. That’s why we’ve built the 21st Century Health Innovation Platform or 21st CHIP.

Based on years of experience serving as a premier technology partner for the nation’s largest managers of healthcare data, 21st CHIP employs the world’s most advanced security and auditing technologies to ensure that all healthcare data-related applications running through it are in complete compliance with all privacy laws and best practices such as HIPAA and HITECH.

Primary Features:

  • Cloud-based and serverless infrastructure management with cluster computing
  • Apache Spark platform for big data analytics
  • Blockchain-enabled auditing functions
  • FHIR-based standards for improved interoperability

Major Benefits:

  • Ingests any source/format of data
  • Exports in any format, to any destination
  • RESTful APIs to consume data from holders and share with authorized recipients
  • Blockchain smart contracts to enforce granular privacy preferences to share data via APIs
  • Ability to run extensive libraries of ML, AI, and advanced statistical algorithms

The sky’s the limit in terms of what new services 21st CHIP will support. Already, at NewWave we have developed the breakthrough myCareAI solution atop 21st CHIP, which revolutionizes how individuals can access their own healthcare records with trusted care providers, ensuring that both patients and clinicians always have secure access to complete healthcare histories. 21st CHIP’s cloud-based architecture allows for not just secure sharing of records, but the ability of researchers and third-party product developers to create advanced big data analytics, machine learning, and AI solutions. Whether it’s a new clinical records-sharing service, a remote vital-sign monitoring application, or a telemedicine solution that virtually connects doctors to patients, 21st CHIP provides the platform to make it all happen efficiently, securely, and massively.

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