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Major changes to how health care works in America today are allowing consumers to play a more integral role in their own health and paving the way to achieve improved clinical outcomes as well as optimal financial performance for both payers and providers.

Providers and payers seeking to improve services for consumers while delivering value-based care will significantly benefit when the people they care for are using a powerful solution we call myCareAI.

It’s a new, standards-based, consumer-controlled health data convergence hub that leverages technologies to create a platform for widespread innovation and improved patient outcomes.

Capitalizing on the rights of consumers to access and aggregate their most up-to-date and comprehensive healthcare data, trusted providers and payers can realize the promise of value-based care delivery more efficiently when their consumers are using myCareAI, resulting in major economic efficiencies.

Access to more complete healthcare data through myCareAI — for patients and the providers and payers that they trust – informs better clinical decisions, improves patient safety, reduces unnecessary or duplicative services, and helps keep consumers healthy.

Patient Leverage

Consumers empowered with the myCareAI app for smartphones can access and share all their most up-to-date healthcare records with their doctors and other trusted entities. This in turn helps them receive the best care possible, such as specialized chronic condition programs offered by their health insurer.

For the first time, when patients take ownership of their personal healthcare records through myCareAI, they are truly in a position to be a partner in the care they receive, by putting the power of health information technology to work for themselves and their partners in the health care journey including both their family members and anyone else they chose to share their data with.

Reduced Suffering

When a provider has a 360-degree view of a patient’s data it becomes easier for them to ensure their patients get the care they need. But in many cases today, providers only have a partial picture of the care their patients have and nearly no interactions at all between visits.

Consumers who use myCareAI can share more complete information about their entire healthcare journey, which in turn helps providers improve the care that they deliver. With the data liquidity that the myCareAI app enables, consumers can share their records with the providers that they trust and together realize better results.

Thanks to a more complete and current view of all a patient’s clinical interactions, the detection of early warning signals by a provider in an actionable time-frame becomes far more likely. Ultimately, that means better care and quality of life for patients and better financial results for value-based healthcare providers and insurers.

In other words, myCareAI embodies the vision behind consumer centric approaches to value-based care.

NewWave Expertise

For the past decade, NewWave has been a trusted provider of health informatics solutions to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – providing complete informatics solutions across the agency including operation of one of world’s largest data warehouses of PHI.

NewWave brings to the myCareAI platform unparalleled levels of system integration and security expertise, complemented by the most innovative combination of approaches to consumer empowerment and informatics.

NewWave designs, develops, maintains, and operates many of the health informatics systems that are central to the nation’s healthcare information infrastructure, and the myCareAI Platform reflects this unique domain expertise.

myCareAI’s integrated features connect patients to their health information and enable them to share these records with the trusted providers of their choice — easily and securely — putting the power of personal data to work for themselves and the people that help ensure that they get the best care possible.


“NewWave has merged several technologies which allow us to aggregate and manage consumer’s data on their behalf to support our vision of providing them with a 360 degree view of their health information.”

Fola Soyoye – Product Management

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