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SmartApp is a powerful development accelerator that saves significant time in application stand-up and delivery. With SmartApp, users simply select an application’s desired features from a list of menu items, such as whether it should run on a mobile-optimized website or through a native application. What role does security play? Are there partial dependencies? How much redundancy is required? These choices result in a secure, unit-tested, and standardized project structure automatically generated to user specifications.

Solution Features

  • Auto-populated project libraries, architectures, and database back-ends
  • Built atop best-in-breed components (e.g. JHipster, MongoDB, MySQL, HTML5)
  • Integrates applications using Spring Security framework
  • Available as Vagrant-ready Docker image

Immediate Benefits

  • Project startup typically requires only 10-20 minutes
  • Generates compliant, responsive, and cloud-ready Java applications
  • Dramatically reduces development costs
  • Allows developers to focus on user integration

While traditional application development can easily take several weeks of concerted effort, with SmartApp the same code is automatically generated in minutes. SmartApp permits ongoing experimentation with new applications. Combining modern technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) with Java backends, SmartApp delivers responsive, mobile-friendly, and REST-based applications. Depending on the project, SmartApp’s automated process can save thousands of labor hours. It is a fully configured system, ready for immediate development.

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