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SPADE is an open-source DevSecOps platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that deploys and manages virtualized applications. It supports modern containerized deployments as well as the federal government’s three-zone architecture. Its powerful toolset allows users to develop, test, deploy, and maintain an integrated solution, without disrupting ongoing day-to-day system operations.


Platform Features

  • Local, private repositories
  • Command-line, U/I, and API support
  • Integrates Google’s Kubernetes scheduler
  • 3-Zone architecture isolation

SPADE Benefits

  • Provisions Docker containers or VMs
  • Provides application management and monitoring
  • Maintains multiple app stacks
  • Performs log aggregation
  • Implements “configuration as code”
  • Enables cluster management
  • Supports continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Other platforms may manage some aspects of application infrastructure, but SPADE is the only one today that manages the entire provisioning and integration process, from end to end. SPADE compiles, builds and runs automated tests, assesses code quality, reports on unit test coverage, conducts security scans, runs functional tests, packages and deploys artifacts to defined environments such as Dev, Test, QA all the way through to Production. It uses the principle of configuration-as-code, defining applications in a single, JSON-based configuration file that is checked into version control for improved performance. SPADE runs containerized workloads that optimize datacenter resources — whether those resources reside on premise or in the cloud — providing auto-scaling functionality to cope with any peaks in demand.

“We empower developers to deploy code more efficiently, scale on demand, and deploy infrastructure as code. This enables DevSecOps teams to bring features to market rapidly.”

Rama Manne – Application Engineer

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