NewWave’s Business Operations and Support Center (BOSC)

The BOSC program serves the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its Innovation Center (CMMI) by carefully overseeing and on-boarding CMMI’s innovation models while providing end-to-end business operations support services within our single-source, multi-tiered contact center.

NewWave’s human-centered approach to overseeing the technical and logistical operations in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Center allows us to work collaboratively with CMS to identify process improvements and support CMMI’s mission to provide better care, reduce cost, and align payment systems. We work with CMS to support hospitals and providers participating in CMMI models with one-of-a-kind cognitive service (NLP) solutions and technical expertise in Remedy, ServiceNow, (SNOW), JIRA and Salesforce, among others.


NewWave’s BOSC team supports three major programs within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, including the Consolidated Centers for Medicare Modernization and Innovation (CMMI) (CBOSC), the Medicare Enrollment and Payment Systems (MEPS) program, and Okta Identify Management (IDM) (OBOSC).

NewWave provides enhanced support with our tiered help desk through phone, email, and ServiceNow case and incident support channels. We provide communications outreach to communities over 50,000 and support reporting and trend analysis to identify process improvement with thoughtful subject matter expertise to implement best practices through a refined, scalable model.


Since the very beginning, NewWave approached BOSC with a collaborative, partner focused mindset in our mission to serve the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a single source while ensuring service continuity and developing strategies to streamline contact center operations.

Within a short 90-days of contact transition, NewWave’s BOSC team consolidated three unique help desks into a single BOSC help desk, allowing our team to efficiently provide support to an increased number of inquiries through a scalable model. Our team also started providing onboarding support for CMMI innovation Models within 30 days. Today, we are working on expanding MBOSC to provide MEPS Operations and Governance Support (OGS) in collaboration with CMS to define best practice and provide Development Operations (DevOps) and Development Security Operations (SevSecOps) support as a part of our high functioning business operations support center.

Cognitive Service Enhanced Knowledge:

NewWave is re-imagining the future of business operations by leveraging human-centered design in our solutions to provide a best-in-class customer service engagement experience.

Our portfolio of capabilities includes expertise in developing customer-facing virtual assistants or chatbots and leveraging interactive voice response (IVR) services for quick and efficient inquiry resolution.

At NewWave, we are committed to providing end-to-end services for customer engagement across the full spectrum of information media including help desks, call center support, and virtual assistants, among others.


Our work with BOSC is a testimony to our passion for introducing tangible innovations and service delivery excellence throughout the full contract lifecycle, while continuously working with you to make process improvements for better outcomes.


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