Eliminating Security Risks and Modernizing Systems for Better Access

August 14, 2020

It’s a new era in IT systems, hosted in the cloud. But the current tech revolution is more than just that – it’s about being quick and nimble in delivering resilient new solutions, by automating disciplined development processes wherever possible. It’s about building in security with every solution, using principles of Zero Trust and micro-segmentation required to succeed in today’s cloud-based ecosystem. NewWave’s engineers and developers are expert in this agile approach to creating breakthrough solutions. We practice agile every day while creating secure applications for our clients that boost productivity and eliminate friction in their specific business processes.

We invest time and resources this way because we have confidence in our ability to identify critical pain points and create valuable solution. For us, application development is as much art as it is science. NewWave takes a craftsman-like pride in building applications using the most advanced DevSecOps and agile approaches to produce software that simply works.

At NewWave, Continuous Integration (CI) goes far beyond developers and testers collaboratively validating new code. We automate to integrate and test code continuously while merging tools and metrics to bring issues to light quickly. Combined with our Continuous Delivery (CD) process which continuously creates releasable artifacts, we can create a pipeline of features being developed and deployed. We are constantly improving our development teams’ delivery through data-driven decisions.

NewWave development teams also design applications centered on Rest APIs that are developer friendly, easily accessible, and understood broadly. We see integration with our applications as a product rather than just code. We understand interconnectivity is essential to any new development. Standardizing APIs allow us to create a much stronger discipline for security and governance, as well as monitored and managed performance and scale.

Secure Infrastructure as Code

We have evolved NewWave’s Infrastructure as Code practice to empower developers and enable a DevSecOps framework that provides continuous delivery. Our teams write to manage configurations and automate the provisioning of infrastructure as well as deployments. This is more than simply writing scripts — it entails using tested and proven software development best practices. We write code to provision and manage both servers and the entirety of cloud infrastructures, in addition to automating processes.

At NewWave, we are setting the bar for best practices in securely modernizing existing systems. We constantly pursue the latest advances that reduce friction from existing processes, keeping security in mind, to make entirely new capabilities possible.

Mark Potter

Mark Potter

Chief Information Security Officer

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