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NewWave’s Statement on the Recent Deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery

June 03, 2020

At NewWave, we have been shocked and outraged by the most recent examples of racial violence in America. Like many of our fellow citizens our immediate response is to call out for justice and make a statement in solidarity with those victimized by that systemic violence. In that solidarity we have struggled to craft a message of hope necessary to a vision of change, but one that also acknowledges the pain, despair and anger felt by so many.

NewWave, to that end, is proud to stand in solidarity with our black colleagues and the black community. We grieve alongside you and are committed to utilizing our voices to be the change of racial justice we seek. NewWave’s passion is solving problems with technology, but “Solving for the Greater Good” is our purpose, a purpose we cannot accomplish without racial equality.

We also realize that our solidarity means little without action and sustained commitment. In recognition of this we will be donating to the Minneapolis Chapter of Black Lives Matter. NewWave is also committing to establishing an on-going program of Racial Justice Conversations for our staff and in cooperation with both local and national organizations committed to sustained change.

While Martin Luther King, Jr. offered the hopeful vision that the “arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” at NewWave we offer that the bending toward racial justice starts now with us.

On Behalf of NewWave,

Patrick Munis, Founder and CEO

Nathan Chrochunis, President

Michael Corbin

Michael Corbin

Vice President of Strategic Communications

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