SAFFRON Labs is an Incubation Hub that will support the creation of the technical capability for a secure, standards-based patient- and community-centric, open, interoperable SDOH data ecosystem.

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SAFFRON Labs is the change necessary for the future of American healthcare.

Research shows that social and environmental factors explain 80-90 percent of a person’s and population’s health status.   The value of collecting and coding SDOH data for clinical care and other use cases, including SDOH-related assessments, goals, health concerns, and interventions, is well established in the literature. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this reality daily across the nation.

No national electronic standard and reference implementation exist to represent and exchange SDOH data for health care across the disparate digital systems used by the community, clinical, and home settings.  SAFFRON Labs is changing that.

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Traferium: All-in-One Data Migration & Code Conversion

Traferium: All-in-One Data Migration & Code Conversion

Traferium is an all-in-one data migration and code conversion product that migrates your tables and data, and extends beyond existing migration tools to support migration of stored procedures, functions and converts to a format utilized by Snowflake.

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