Cape Fox Federal Integrators, LLC (CFFI) and NewWave Telecom and Technologies, Inc (NewWave), as Team CFFI, present a streamlined solution for the Department of Interior (DOI). Our purpose-built team specializes in delivering exceptional information technology solutions, efficient operations and maintenance for DOI systems, and modernization of tools, technologies, and processes crucial for mission operations. To optimize DOI’s service delivery, we advocate for a data-driven model, leveraging best practices and available tools to provide critical analysis for informed agency-level decision making. Our commitment is to enhance DOI’s capabilities effectively and efficiently.

Step 1

Step 2: Exercise 1: Analysis on Distribution of Tribal Universities on Tribal Land.

Step 3: Exercise 2: Alaska Native Tribes and Wildfire Analysis

Step 4: Exercise 2: Tribal Climate Resilience Annual Rewards and Wildlife Report