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Work Happy Solving for the Greater Good

April 22, 2020

I knew as a young kid, I enjoyed teaching my little sister and “playing” teacher to her. Today, my sister and I often laugh now about how my “play” assignments contributed to her academic achievement and her eventual success as a teacher.

Teaching continued to play a role in my life as I became a homeschooling mother for several years and is still relevant today, in my role as Vice President of HR for NewWave. Teaching has taught me many things I apply in my work at NewWave and it also provides a framework for me to use in understanding our people and finding opportunities to help our team members succeed.

Life-Long Learning

Creating an environment for people to work happy, means providing opportunities for our people to learn and grow. At NewWave, we explore emerging technologies and challenge the “status quo” across the company. Learning with peers, access to leading technology training from our partners, and showcasing our learning and thought leadership at industry leading conferences, are all elements of our culture to foster learning within the company.

Employee Experience

Nevertheless, an innovative approach to life-long learning means little, without attentiveness toward people, their experiences and needs. Over the last year and half, NewWave doubled in size. This growth meant that processes which worked when we were a smaller company, became no longer efficient or scalable.

Our team growth and the operations needed to support the evolution of the company, outpaced our ability to keep people aware of happenings within the organization. In short, our People First priority, was slipping out of focus.

In response, NewWave’s HR Team and our executive leaders decided to take a few essential actions to stay innovative in our approach and better meet the needs of our employees:

  1. Investing in support to concentrate on our company culture
  2. Re-establishing Company-wide Town Halls to gather and respond to employee feedback
  3. Introducing new service delivery tools to simplify processes

While there were many ups and downs in teaching my children for several years, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life and it closely relates to NewWave’s ups and downs with our doubling in size over the last year and a half. I’ve learned how important it is to grow alongside my team in the ups and downs and how to discover and nurture the unique styles in learning in others to position them for success in their careers.

NewWave’s Collaboration Centerr


NewWave exists to “solve for the greater good” and experiences begin with this mission. It’s my hope when a person begins their journey with NewWave, they have a sense of where their skills connect with this mission. Our HR Team is passionate about ensuring the necessary tools are available to support success.

At its core, human connection is about how people feel and what they experience when they join a team. Are they inspired and empowered to do great work? This represents a tremendous opportunity that we have at NewWave.

Teaching remains one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life. I’m certain my mission at NewWave is to take the principles I’ve learned (and continue learning!) to better define what it means to put People First, celebrate teamwork and collaboration, communicate more effectively, and institute best practices for work-life balance, so every NewWaver will experience what it means to Work Happy, solving for the greater good.

Our people merge innovation, precision, and compassion; empowering our clients to use technology in new ways as they solve problems for the greater good. Learn more about our career opportunities:

Nicole Freebourne

Nicole Freebourne

Vice President of Human Resources Development

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