Toward an Anti-Racist Data Science for the Federal Government and its Technology Contractors

Toward an Anti-Racist Data Science for the Federal Government and its Technology Contractors

July 24, 2020

Back in March of this year, when we still wrapping our minds around the severity and implications of the pandemic, a group of Senators and House members wrote to the leadership of the Department of Health and Human Services that the agency had a data problem.

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NewWave Celebrates 16-Year Anniversary of Innovation for the Greater Good

Elkridge, MD, July 28, 2020 – NewWave, a full-service Information Technology (IT), Business Services and Data Management company, is celebrating 16 years of catalyzing strategic ideas and employing the latest emerging technologies to re-envision the future of healthcare information technology in America.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Progress Report

Over the past 6 years, I have watched the hype and disillusion around the potential use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Much of the early hype was driven by IBM Watson and its purported singular capability to help providers and researchers discover new ways to detect and treat disease, especially cancer.

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The Effect of COVID-19 on Healthcare and the Future of Telehealth

One of the early effects of COVID-19 on healthcare has been the rapid increase in the use of telehealth instead of office visits. This growth has largely been driven by the circumstances of the pandemic, as well as CMS temporary waivers loosening restrictions on Medicare payments for telehealth services.

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Context is Everything – Especially in Design

Have you ever visited a new city on the recommendation of a friend who knows that city well – and come away wondering why they were so adamant that you would absolutely LOVE it like they do? Instead, you found it stressful, foreign to you and difficult to navigate? There’s a reason for that.

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Driving Meaningful Conversations in Government-Industry Communications

Recently, I was part of an all-day training program for government contractors that was put on by Brian Hebbel, a former CMS colleague and lead contract manager. The topic that I presented, along with Brian, was how vendors could have more effective meetings with Federal officials.

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COVID-19 Reflections: A Pandemic Squared

COVID-19 is ravaging the country. In true dystopian style, roads are empty, unemployment has skyrocketed and hospitals need refrigerated trucks to store bodies. This virus has been referred to as a great equalizer; It’s supposed to affect us all in the same way with no regard for race, religion or gender.

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Reimagining Service Delivery: NewWave’s Journey to a Digital Transformation

Like many growing organizations, NewWave is at a transformative time which requires us to reimagine our previous service delivery models across the organization, as we continue providing innovative solutions to our public and private customers. Having doubled in size over the course of 2019 alone, last year, NewWave found itself in a place where our old service delivery model no longer worked.

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NewWave’s Statement on the Recent Deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery

At NewWave, we have been shocked and outraged by the most recent examples of racial violence in America. Like many of our fellow citizens our immediate response is to call out for justice and make a statement in solidarity with those victimized by that systemic violence. In that solidarity we have struggled to craft a message of hope necessary to a vision of change, but one that also acknowledges the pain, despair and anger felt by so many.

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NewWave Announces First Successful Federal Government Deployment of Databricks in Microsoft Azure

NewWave today announces first-ever use of Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform in the Azure for Government cloud (MAG) anywhere the federal government..

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