BOSC at NewWave: Innovations Improving Healthcare Outcomes

May 12, 2020

NewWave’s Business Operations Support Center (BOSC) program serves CMS as a single source for a range of information and production services. We design solutions with a process-improvement focus, to leverage human-centered design for the most optimal customer experience. Our contact center teams work collaboratively with partners, vendors, and third parties to ultimately promote a better customer experience, (i.e., one that focuses on reduced resolution handle time, response accuracy, and consistency).

BOSC services include a multi-tiered contact center, providing technical and logistical production, business operations, and control support services for data analysis and business intelligence reporting. Our team identified several methods to improve and streamline our contact center operations, one of which is the onboarding of new work into our BOSC consolidated Help Desk.

Our success in delivering excellent services is a direct result of our people, technology, and commitment, and the BOSC program is no exception. BOSC has more than 100 employees working collaboratively to strive for the highest Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARs) from our clients.

BOSC supports three (3) programs for CMS:

1. The Consolidated Centers for Medicare Modernization and Innovation (CMMI) (CBOSC) program, supporting hospitals and providers participating in CMMI models

2. The Medicare Enrollment and Payment Systems (MEPS) program, supporting Medicare Part D Plan Providers

3. Okta Identity Management (IDM) OBOSC, which supports CMS applications leveraging Okta for identity management

Overview of BOSC Team Supports Services

The BOSC program provides some of the following support services:

  • Help Desk Tiers 1, 2, and 3 inquiry resolution support via:
    • Phone, Email, and ServiceNow Case/Incident support channels
  • Communications outreach to multiple user communities over 50,000
  • Production Operations Support Desk (POSD)
  • 24/7, 365 business operations support services for the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Program (MAPD) and supports CMS Shared Savings Programs (SSPs), Affordable Care Organization (ACO), and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) Models.
  • Tier 2 support for 60+ Tier 1 Application Help Desks who leverage CMS Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM), or Okta services
  • ServiceNow training for new application users and CMS personnel
  • Reporting and trend analysis support and process innovation
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring, trend analysis, and feedback

Our extensive contact center experience has been from various contracts with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) including Physician Quality Programs Management and Implementation (PQPMI), which operated two Tier 2 help desks, one for Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS), and another for Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). CMS relies on business partners like NewWave that march in step with their evolving need for increased efficiency, and that demonstrates an ability to learn and adapt while responding to the consistent expansion of the program.

From the beginning, NewWave was at the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby and when the gates dropped, the BOSC team ran ferociously with care to successfully consolidated three unique help desks within a 90-day transition into a single BOSC Help Desk. These were formerly the legacy Innovation Center Help Desk, ACO Help Desk, and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) Help Desk. The consolidated BOSC Help Desk achieved excellent efficiency in ramp-up time, and cost savings through cross-training of resources and a cognitive service enhanced knowledge base tool “Newton Advisor” (a NewWave home-grown tool).

BOSC has a proven process, tested successful, in onboarding new the Center of Medicaid and Medicare Innovation (CMMI) models with support beginning within 30 days. Since the beginning of the contract, in July 2018, BOSC has onboarded 12 new models successfully. This year, MBOSC will expand to provide MEPS Operations and Governance Support, (OGS) working in collaboration with CMS to define best practices, identify process improvements, and provide subject matter expertise.  The OGS BOSC Team will provide CMS with Development Operations (DevOps) and Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) support, and partner with them to help map the migration schedule for applications by gauging agile maturity, socializing best practices, and aiding in continuous process improvement as the applications migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The BOSC team has demonstrated the ability to transition programs, introduce tangible innovations, continually improve processes, and deliver service excellence throughout each contract’s lifecycle while improving healthcare services, programs, and outcomes. The team uses creative, responsive, and reliable tools and approaches to provide high-functioning, multi-tiered contact call center support for current and future initiatives; technical and logistical production and business operations; and support services for data analysis, infrastructure, and applications. We implement innovative, streamlined program management, and back-office support methodologies with a strong customer focus that combines economies-of-scale with continuous process improvement, risk mitigation, and quality management strategies. NewWave brings broad expertise in Remedy, ServiceNow (SNOW), JIRA, Confluence, NLP, chatbot, and Salesforce, among others.

The success of BOSC shows the commitment and passion of our team, through our consistent ability to successfully transition programs, introduce tangible innovations and deliver service excellence throughout each contract’s lifecycle while improving healthcare services, programs, and outcomes.  

Read more about NewWave’s optimized contact centers.

Koreen Rayl

Koreen Rayl

Subject Matter Expert, Program Delivery - BOSC

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