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When the nation’s largest healthcare payer sought to engage a solutions partner that could successfully integrate and manage its complex customer contact center, the organization needed a partner capable of handling more than 240,000 customer inquiries annually.

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Automated or Live?

Whenever possible, taking advantage of intelligently designed solutions that accurately assess the essential nature of an inquiry, while providing immediate, automated answers makes great sense in terms of service quality and cost efficiency.

Designing a customer engagement system that delivers precisely the right answers to the right person at the right time requires a technology, and business-savvy solutions partner, capable of consistently delivering prompt and accurate responses.

This is where NewWave excels, delivering process improvements and technology innovations that surpass basic service-level objectives and exceed client expectations.

This huge volume of inquiries from business partners and customers arrives through a mix of phone calls and email channels. The inquiries frequently involve critical issues such as enrollment, premiums, payments, Medicare payment models, and drug utilization.

That’s why the organization, which manages a massively complex set of customer-facing services, chose NewWave in July 2018 to take over management of their customer support center, including the Center’s helpdesk and technical support functions.

The inquiries handled by NewWave on behalf of this project are frequently complex. But others are more basic and routine.

Some questions can be successfully triaged and addressed through automated responses – or so-called “Tier Zero” services – which are often quicker and more convenient for the customer than interacting with a live human agent.

Of course, many questions are more subtle or complex and require the attention of an actual person who possesses the subject matter expertise and communication skills necessary to ensure that a customer’s important questions or concerns are fully addressed.

Upon taking over management of this project from a previous contractor – one of the nation’s largest systems integrators – NewWave seized the opportunity right away to transition the center’s phone system to the cloud, substantially eliminating fixed costs for equipment and maintenance.

NewWave also plans to expand its call center facility and workforce in Des Moines and Baltimore to support the demand for this project, as well as other public and private sector clients seeking to outsource their customer engagement operations.

In a world of increasing complexity where customers need answers to their inquiries quickly, NewWave possesses the perfect mix of technology innovation and business process expertise to deliver clear solutions that are customer-centric.

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