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NewWave knows that good data is an invaluable resource. Everything we do reflects a practical understanding of the importance of sound data management to the overall success of an organization in achieving its primary goals and overall mission. From the point at which it’s created to the time when it serves as a source of intelligence, data for NewWave represents the informational lifeblood of an organization. We treat it with the care it deserves and excel at every key stage of the data lifecycle, building cutting-edge systems that leverage its essential worth.

Data Analytics

NewWave’s teams of data scientists understand that the vast volumes of unstructured data most organizations possess cannot be processed effectively with the traditional applications and methodologies. We harness both unstructured and structured datasets at scale — in real time — to gain insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. NewWave develops solutions for big data in all its forms, high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets. We work with our customers to develop solutions that are cost-effective ways to drive process automation and decision making. Our teams are experts at applying algorithmic and/or mechanical processes to derive valuable insights.

Data-Centered Architecture

NewWave develops flexible data architectures that extract maximum value from disparate big data sources. We store data in its purest form and develop products that cater to multiple stakeholders, allowing information to be packaged for specific end-users. The structured and unstructured Data Lakes we create are highly accessible to improve the business processes that produce them, while also enabling new products that drive optimal business decisions.

NewWave creates analytical sandboxes used for understanding data, enabling business users to create prototypes, perform data science, and explore data to build new hypothesis and use-cases. Our teams use cutting-edge tools like Databricks, based on Apache Spark, to accelerate the adoption of Data Lake architecture and drive cost-effective and meaningful insights into data at scale.

Data Science

NewWave utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive Data Intelligence at scale. Along with cloud-based storage that enables massive data storage and processing at speed, this combination of AI and ML allows us to gain insight where others only see data.

Business Intelligence

At NewWave, we harness data to understand and analyze business performance, developing and analyzing alternative knowledge that can help determine future occurrences, measure data adequacy, and recommend future actions in an environment of multiple possibilities. This gives our teams an advantage over the rest by bringing clarity to big data, empowering our users with the information they need to solve for the greater good.

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